The trip goes on, ever. Who or what drives us? Sometimes it is pure curiosity about the next target, times the current location, of but no longer invites us for various reasons to linger. In addition, the precious travel time must be used yes, hammering a little devil in my head. But what does it matter, Optimum use of time? Some do world tours in one year and fly from one continent to another, In order to receive an impression. Some live their entire lives in one place and are happy with it. Others are forced, to leave their village or even their home country. We are absolute Glückspilze. Time and freedom is our luxury. But admittedly lets us travel everyday this unfortunately sometimes forgotten. It is tricky. Instead of "Hammock Feeling" are rather always the same questions in the foreground: where to go next to and in what way? What accommodations are there? What is the infrastructure of, is there For example, a market for rolled oats, Milk, Fruit etc. or should we rather hauling fruits on the island or in the mountain village, if we do not want to miss it? How might the next stop? And of course – What does it cost? The search for answers takes time. And if there was not yet seen and experienced. Time in such cases often called waiver.

The realization comes piece by piece. We feel sometimes remotely and from our own trip. It's working like a year without holidays. Sometime you have to get out to elapse from the "travel routine" and time. The well-known desire "unwind" is spreading. We need holidays, although we are outsiders in "permanent vacation". Strangely, who has time, to philosophize about time? What a luxury problem!