The second night in Shangri-La have the dogs pity on us and create longer pauses Bell. So we run fairly well rested on eight clock three kilometers along the river past the pits and fences to the ticket office of Yading Nature Reserves. In Yading there are three Tibetans sacred mountains, of which the highest, Chenresig, 6032 Meters into the sky. All three have been hitherto never been climbed. However, Tibetans go around like the Chenrezig or all three mountains, which one is your faith to acquire great merits.

The visit of Yading Nature Reserve is no bargain. For admission and coach transfers, we pay per person converted ca. 30 Euro. The bus ride leads through a spectacular mountain pass. At the sight of the first snow-capped summit a murmur is heard by the bus. On a viewing platform, we make a stop. The Chinese make faxing and photos before the really beautiful mountain scenery. Soon we reach the entrance to the reserve. For the equivalent of a further ten Euro we take a kind of mini-tram on wheels six kilometers until Luorong Prairie on 4180 Meters above sea level. The walk here near the asphalt road would have cost us a lot of time.

Picture gallery Yading Nature Reserve

The view is fantastic: We overlook a green valley. By meadows, a clear stream winds. All around are snow-capped mountains, wooded below, over rugged rocky slopes under blue sky and cumulus clouds. We itch in the feet, finally loszuwandern and so do we. We follow the path around the Chenresig, the Kora. It goes up the valley through lush green meadows past small stone houses in the middle of purple flowering shrubs. The path is not crowded, but there are some hikers go. Again and again we encounter horses, the Tibetan, often women, be conducted. On horseback, the people sitting, where a hike at this level is too hard. Some are flown in from the plains and have brought cans of oxygen.

The path gets steeper and more dramatic. We climb up the slope over slippery stones. Prayer flags line the road. The creek is now far below us in a ravine. In the distance, waterfalls rushing down the rocks. We slow down, the mountain air makes itself felt. At exposed places a strong wind blows. Behind a small hill revealed the shimmering blue Milk Lake. Unfortunately, the sun warps just behind dense clouds and it gets cold. Therefore, we rise after a short rest on narrow paths up the steep slope and reach a ridge, behind which another mountain lake, der Five-Color-Lake, hides. When the sun is shining, they no longer do, is here refract light in different colors.

Even without this effect, we are impressed by the view. The majority of hikers making at this point returns. But we treat even an extra round and follow the ridge at high altitude at the Milk Lake. Here we are traveling solo. It is after two o'clock and the last pilgrimage, which surround the Chenresig, have long since disappeared behind the ball far ahead. Apart from the wind and our panting breaths is not a sound to be heard. On the rear side of the Milk Lakes we have a break. From here we can see far up into the blue ice of a glacier. Among extends a large moraine and several waterfalls roar gen valley and feed the far below us Milk Lake.

Now it is time for us on the way back. Downhill it goes faster, but we are exhausted and hungry, when we finally reach the tram station. Hats off to the horse leaders, several times cover this distance in the day at a fast pace. Tram and bus driving us on winding roads back to Shangri-la civilization and the dust. We let the day's events. In this region of Tibet, we have so far experienced the most impressive scenery. The many tourists and the corresponding infrastructure tarnish the image. Really nice it is, once you get further away from the main routes. We are a bit sad, that we started too late, to cope with the circumnavigation of Chenrezig in a day, but probably would our condition for about 12 Hour walk and 30 Kilometers also not enough. Who tent and equipment it has, place in Yading Reserve definitely paradise for multi-day treks.

Yading National Reserve

regular CNY 150, students CNY 80
plus bus ride Shangri-La - input Yading roundtrip: CNY 120

getting there:

  • Ticket Office: from the center Shangri-Las ca. 3 km along the river westward run (or taxi)
  • the Ticket Office at Shangri La by bus ca. 60 to 90 Minutes to the entrance of the Reserves

Transport im Reserve:

  • From the entrance to Chong Gu Pasture / Monastery: 10 minute walk
  • Chong Gu Pasture (4000 m) bis Luorong Pasture (4180 m): Tram 20 Min. (CNY 50/80 one way/return) or 6 km walk
  • Luorong Pasture (4180 m) bis Milk Lake (4480 m): Ride horses 1,5 to 2 Hours, descended on steep sites must (CNY 200-300 return) or 5 km walk, partly very steep

Hiking in the Reserve:
The Kora (Umrundung des Chenresig) is described in detail on
There are many multi-day trekking options, own equipment is required.


  • Chong Gu Pasture: Snacks and drinks
  • Luorong Pasture: Restaurant