རླུང་རྟ Windpferd_Zeichnung Buntstifte

Wind Horse (Tibetan: rlung rta) is the English name for prayer flags. In the middle of each flag a Wind Horse is shown which is symbolic of the human soul. The flags are of Buddhists in the region around the Himalaya mountain passes, suspended from limits or stupas. They flutter in the wind and remain valid until complete weathering hang. So faith by the prayers from flying in the wind horse be taken into heaven.

Fish sauce fischsauce_Zeichnung buntstifte

Fish sauce – in Thailand (Fish sauce, nam plan), in Vietnam (nước mắm) or in the Philippines (Patis): Fish sauce is widespread in Southeast Asiaand one of the worlds oldest Condiments.. It consists predominantly of anchovies and other small fish, Salt, Sugar and water.

Wind horses and fish sauce are symbolic for the regions of Asia, we will travel. We will face it many times on the road between the Himalayas and the Pacific, from bare, cold mountains to hot and humid rainforest.

Like the wind horse, we are drifted by the wind on our journey. We will only follow a vague- schedule and are open to new ideas and distractions. We do not claim, to visit all achievable sights and stay longer, where we like it very well.

The fish sauce is a symbol for the spice of our trip. We love hot and spicy food and look forward, to taste the local flavors of the different countries visited. The seasoning gives us energy to journey on and the power, to survive difficult situations and hard times.