Begins Game - The "I-pack-my-luggage-and-take-with".

What do you take with you?
Some have asked me that before the trip. After all, we expect the Himalayas to the Pacific Expected temperatures between 5 ° C (night) and 40 ° C (during the day).

Those looking for packing lists for trips in different climates, is due to the many travel blogs quickly found. Ultimately, it always depends, where the traveler breaks forth and what he has before. So everyone has to decide for yourself, what he / she actually needs for one year and wants to drag from the beginning. After all, many also available on site!

Ich packe meinen Koffer und nehme mit...As a suggestion here Packliste with continuous assessment:

Trecking-Rucksack (55L) – Jack Wolfskin, Modell Atlas Woman (2006)
Tagesrucksack (30L) – a little too big, but great for a shopping spree on the fruit market
Rain protection for backpacks and thin rain cape
New: waterproof bag (11Liters) for the technology in heavy rain etc. – proven during Songkran!
Compression bags for clothes, z.B. Nordisk 'Durin Spacemaker’– Dry and space-saving
Shoulder bag made of fabric from South India

Laptop – Ultrabook Toshiba, 1,4kg
Digital camera – Canon S110
External Hard Drive 1TB – to secure all data
E-Book-Reader (Kobo) – for the weight-saving reading friend
Headlamp and chargers for o.g. Devices

“Custom Kitchen”
Small immersion heater for coffee and tea in the morning
Tax, Spoon, Penknife, Shell – for cereal with fresh fruit

Silk sleeping bags – indispensable, as pleasantly cool in the tropics and a protection against pests
Small towel Microfiber – fast drying!
Clothes line – can also be used for other mounting
needle and thread have been proven in use for torn trousers.
Candle and lighter – not only for romantics, but especially. for the power failure

Sketchbook and crayons
Travel Guide South East Asia as a book – so far only ballast!
Snorkeling and swimming goggles

Magenta Tint / Darmverstimmung: Iberogast, Kohletabletten, Elektrolytpulver, Lactose
Headache and Japanese mint oil
First aid kit: Plaster, Bandages, Scissors, Tweezers, Disinfectant Spray, -Gel and Ointment Antisept, Rescue blanket
Mückensprays (z.B. Nobite with and without Deet)
Sunscreen and Aloe Vera Gel
Cold / cooling / Relaxation: Tigerbalm (cooling) Thai and Ayurvedic Balm from Sri Lanka
Malaria prophylaxis – z.B. Antibiotic Doxycycline
Malaria Emergency – should individually, be decided depending on the region and its own conscience.
if necessary. Herpes-Creme
And hygiene items, like shampoo, Part, Dental care etc.

The shoe theme
Flip Flops – handy for the beach, but not necessarily
Swimming Shoes – useful for rocky beaches and against sea urchins etc.
Trekking-Sandalen – the all-rounder for the city, Strand, Mountains
Trail running shoes – the perfect combination of drive- and hiking boot was told. Alternative were initially my already well run-in leather hiking boots and my running shoes have been. Both have not withstood the test pack: too large, too heavy, too warm.

…is very individual. Thin rain, warming fleece jacket and Merino underwear until quick-drying skirt, Swimsuit and sun hat is all represented once. Ultimately, then the question still remains, How often should I wash… A large cloth is always in the cold, Heat and a temple visit a good companion, but can also be purchased in most countries.

The most important documents in the end:
Flight Ticket
Credit card – z.B. DKB for any cost-free cashback world
Health Insurance – z.B. HanseMerkur, 12/2014 the best price / performance ratio
if necessary. Visa (depending on the destination, in our case: Tourist visa for China)
if necessary. Foreign driving license – recommendable, but only for 2 Years valid
if necessary. Vaccination certificate

At the end ca come. 14,5kg on the scales.