Shangri-La in Yunnan is known as the city in China, in which one can extend his tourist visa easiest. We got our extension, would have saved us with the right information, but some routes. So here's our report.

First you should make sure, that the Hotel / Guesthouse login / registration (score) has carried out correctly to the police and can give a receipt. With this document you go to the police and exchanges it against an official certificate of registration (registration slip) a. We were only without the certificate of registration by the police in PSB, because we were told, the document from the Guest House would be enough. We were sent away again.

Photo gallery PSB Shangri-La

Now it goes to the PSB (Public security bureau), wo Pass, Meldebestätigung by police, one photo and one available locally, completed form (only standard information on name, Address etc.) must be submitted. We were no questions asked for basic extension. A travel plan or the like we had not proposed.
One day later from 15 Clock, the instep extended visa on payment of CNY 160 will be picked up again.

Danger: The visa is only extended, when run in less than one week. At first we were a day early in the PSB and were sent away again.

Our visa has been extended by thirty days from departure date old spätestem (no guarantee, that it is always so). We have previously received the wrong information, that it only 30 Are days from applying for an extension, So you should extend as late as possible.

We did not know, that you can also easily get a two-month tourist visa for China in Germany. Thus we would have saved the renewal action. In the message, there was no information in this regard. A traveler told us, it through an agency at the same price (more expensive than in the embassy) offered, as the one-month visa.

Extend the visa for China in Shangri-La (Yunnan)

Opening times:
closes at 16 Clock
Changzheng Road, walking distance from the Old Town, Head north on the right hand side

  • Registration certificate (Danger, Hotel / Guest House must have properly registered, bring the best evidence from Guest House)

Kangzhu Road (S Ring Road), south of the city, behind fire station, Hospital and police station left, Pagoda is a straight to see and not far.
Opening times:
Mo. to Fri.: 9 – 12 Clock and 14:30 to 17:30 Clock

  • Bus 2 moves out of Innensgtadt (not Altstadt) directly to your door (Bus stops only on request)
  • Taxi: Returns from Old Town ca. CNY 15

To be submitted:

  • Pass
  • Meldebestätigung by police
  • a recent photograph
  • available on site, completed form

CNY 160
one working day (Pick from 15:00 Clock)