In China we had a double room with private bathroom and free wireless internet, unless otherwise noted. Some rooms we reserved online, Our favorites are and Partly to higher prices for the rooms were advertised locally.

Sichuan Province
Sunrise MingQing International Hostel
Xia Hongxue Lane No. 23, Yu Zhang, Chongqing
Tel. +86 23639 11980
CNY 138 (A/C), incl. Breakfast, 05/2015, reserved online
centrally located, traditional Chinese courtyard, Room OK, but a little dark, Breakfast: Rice Soup, filled “Buns”

IMG_7273 (Medium)IMG_7284 (Medium)

Free Guys Youth Hostel
No. 55 Dongjiaochang Street, Jinjiang, Chengdu
Tel. +86 28866 66478
CNY 130 (A/C), 05/2015, reserved online
away from the downtown highrise, little, modern room with comfortable bed, but dirty floor and bathroom

Yongzhu Hotel
Yongzhu Yizhan, Kangding
Tel. +86 836 283 2381
CNY 120
nice owners, simple rooms with colorful decorations and blanket
IMG_7840 (Medium) IMG_8008 (Medium)

Remote / Xinduqiao – Pasu village
Pasu Riverview Guesthouse
Tel. +86 18783684819
BEFORE 100, without private bathroom and Wi-Fi, 06/2015
Simple, clean room with wool- and electric blanket in a beautiful Tibetan House; very friendly, helpful Tibetan Swiss Family, the cooks us delicious (Tibetische Nudelsuppe, Rice Dishes, Breakfast with coffee / tea, freshly baked bread, Yak cheese…) and has provided with lots of information
IMG_8256 (Medium)

Peace Guesthouse
No.345 Xingfu East Road, Litang
BEFORE 120, 05/2015
Easy, clean rooms, centrally, Water problem of the city, Staff rarely spot
IMG_8406 (Medium)

Yading Backpackers International Youth Hostel
near Dexi Street, ca. 200meters from the bus station
Tel. 135 0829 5808
BEFORE 100, 05/2015
Very basic rooms, bad wifi, nice courtyard, Bicycle Rental, centrally

Shangri-la / Levites (Yading Nature Reserve)
By Kangyur Guest
Little Chinese hotel in a side street
BEFORE 110, 06/2015
Simple, clean room, high noise level (Building site); friendly, Chinese owners with little knowledge of English, enjoy your meal
IMG_8530 (Medium)

Annako Guesthouse
Tel. 18123441722
BEFORE 100, 06/2015
Very simple, clean room, directly at the bus station
IMG_8932 (Large)

Yunnan Province
Shangri-la (Zhongdian)
Kevin's Trekker Inn
Da Wa Road, Zhongdian
Tel. 86-887-8228178
BEFORE 150, 06/2015
very nice, clean rooms in 1. Floor with Terrace, Overlooking the city and courtyard, friendly and helpful owner with good English skills
IMG_9106 (Medium) IMG_9237 (Medium)

Baishuitai *
Homestay an Busstation, opposite the entrance to the “Terraces”
BEFORE 50, 06/2015
Simple rooms at the 1. AND, directly to road, bad wifi

Homestay below in
BEFORE 60, 06/2015
Very simple room on the ground, Outboard, but private bathroom, not clean, not recommendable
*In Baishuitai the traveler is taken directly from the Homestay-holders the bus to reception.

Tiger Leaping Gorge
Tibet Guesthouse
ca. 100m of Sean’ Guesthouse (Shanquan Kezhan) away
BEFORE 120, 06/2015
Beautiful, little, clean rooms at 1. Floor with views of the mountains and canyon, nice owners, passables Restaurant
IMG_9450 (Medium)

October Inn
No.69-1 Xuantian Alley, Beimen Street, Gucheng District, Lijiang
Tel. 0888-5183219
BEFORE 120, 06/2015, reserved online
Very colorful, great, clean rooms at 1. AND, beautiful courtyard, Backpacker place, Attention to detail, 15min. Walk to the Old Town
IMG_9879 (Medium) IMG_9881 (Medium)

Kunming Glad Inn
3F Building C Wanxing YinXiang, Guandu District

BEFORE 126, 06/2015
Simple rooms at the 4th floor in a skyscraper, lovely outdoor area, popular with Chinese. Backpacker, farther outside, near the fairgrounds with Wallmart

Hua Qing Hotel
No.46 Hanling Street, Jianshui
BEFORE 128, 06/2015
Beautiful, clean, large room on the 2nd floor, in the old town
IMG_0078 (Medium) IMG_0214 (Medium)

Yuanyang / Pugaolao
Timeless Hostel
Pugao Laozhai, Duoyishu, Xinjie Town, Yuanyang County
BEFORE 120, 06/2015
Simple, small room in 2. AND, friendly and helpful owner with good English skills, in Hani village Pugaolao
IMG_0259 (Medium)

Xishuanbanna Lime Resort Hotel
15/F, Building 2, Zhongjing Mingcheng, 2 Mengpeng Road, Jinghong
BEFORE 108 (A/C), 06/2016, reserved online
Easy, great, clean rooms in the high-rise overlooking the city / river, relatively quiet, Friendly, helpful Chinese owner couple, centrally, hard to find