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Yading Nature Reserve – das echte Shangri-La

The second night in Shangri-La have the dogs pity on us and create longer pauses Bell. So we run fairly well rested on eight clock three kilometers along the river past the pits and fences to the ticket office of Yading Nature Reserves. In Yading there are three Tibetans sacred mountains, of which the highest, Chenresig, 6032 Meters into the sky. All three have been hitherto never been climbed. However, Tibetans go around like the Chenrezig or all three mountains, which one is your faith to acquire great merits.

The visit of Yading Nature Reserve is no bargain. For admission and coach transfers, we pay per person converted ca. 30 Euro. The bus ride leads through a spectacular mountain pass. At the sight of the first snow-capped summit a murmur is heard by the bus. On a viewing platform, we make a stop. The Chinese make faxing and photos before the really beautiful mountain scenery. Soon we reach the entrance to the reserve. For the equivalent of a further ten Euro we take a kind of mini-tram on wheels six kilometers until Luorong Prairie on 4180 Meters above sea level. The walk here near the asphalt road would have cost us a lot of time.

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Shangri-La / Riwa - Where the dust never sets

James Hilton describes 1933 in his novel “Lost Horizon” a valley in the Himalayas called Shangri-La. The inhabitants live happily and be steinalt. Since then, Shangri-La is a synonym for paradise on earth, isolated from the outside world. In the year 2001 the city was renamed Zhongdian in the Tibetan part of Yunnan for marketing reasons in Shangri-La. It works, many tourists come to the village. Here it is in January 2014 burned the old town, but the reconstruction is in full swing.

The Yading Nature Reserve has one of the most dramatic mountain landscapes of China. Formerly a “Tip”, it is marketed aggressively lately. 2013 was on the 4400 Opened meters highest civilian airport in the world Daocheng Yading. A bus hour before the reserve was the small settlement Riwa. They existed until recently a few houses, but extended straight to a city, which for kilometers along the river and extends the side valleys up and many thousand tourists simultaneously to provide accommodation. Since those responsible thought, the Shangri-La-number but would not be bad here.

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