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Tiger Leaping Gorge - beautiful views and tired bones

The second attempt - this time we are already at eight clock on the village street of Baishuitai and wait for the bus to Tiger Leaping Gorge. And this time, we do not wait for nothing. Shortly after half past eight comes the awaited bus, there is plenty of availability and we take facilitates Place. Around this time, the early morning fog has not yet set. Soon we remember, that there actually are cloud, who set down the mountainside. As soon as we drive out of a cloud, gleams the sun timidly through another higher cloud layer.

After nearly two hours we reach the muddy-brown Yangtze River, of here quietly by a wide, parched valley flows. Browns alternate. We go upriver and the landscape changes dramatically. Between two over six thousand meters high mountain ranges, the deepest gorge in the world opens, which formed the Yangtze Tiger Leaping Gorge. It is so narrow, that the road must meander two hundred meters above the river along the slope. The rock wall on the opposite side of the river extends over four thousand meters almost vertically into the air, so Kathi is giddy at the sight of. We follow the river and the gorge. Only in a few places there is space for steep, lush terraced fields and some houses. One of these places is Walnut Garden. Here you will find the ticket office for the canyon, as well as some Guesthouses. We get off the bus, the continues to Lijiang, Buy tickets and find quickly an accommodation, the cozy Tibet Guest House, where we first strengthen ourselves with a delicious noodle soup.

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Tagong Grasslands – village between the yak and the mountains

Treasure Tagong Lhagang ལྷ་ སྒང་ From Kangding we drive on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway westbound to the Tagong Grasslands at 3500m altitude. The next 1000 Altitude lie ahead. However, the first functional rather planned stopover for acclimatization and distribution of stretch to Litang proves lucky strike, as it turned out after a short time.

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Kangding / Dart དར་ རྩེ་ མདོ ་. – Wind Horse, Butter and the first altitude

Kangding Chinese Kangding County
Dart Tibetan དར་རྩེ་མདོ།

It will be cooler. The temperature jump of 30 on ca. 16° C is clearly noticeable. The Chinese small town with only about. 100.000 Residents located at 2600m and also applies to us as the gateway to Tibet. Na ready, five weeks after tropical temperatures we freeze despite Merino shirt and fleece jacket. Temporary help is in this region widespread blanket, because the buildings are not isolated. who would have thought, as our grandmothers, we are in the evening wrapped up under thick blankets and turn on the electric blanket. In the morning the room is so cold, that we hardly want to leave the bed. But the sky is blue and the lures. We want to climb a mountain. A map does not exist, but for the tip: "All roads lead to the top".

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