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Delicacies from Southwest China – Today is feasted!

Who would have thought it? The Middle Kingdom is vast and varied – as well as the food. We come in southwest China to the widespread Sichuan cuisine: sharp, intense and varied should they be. Dried Chilies, Chinese flowers pepper (also known as Sichuan pepper) and black pepper are essential components in every dish and are finely tuned. A special feature of the Sichuan pepper is its numbing effect – a strange sensation in the mouth. Anyone who has eaten him, loves him or sorted immediately peppercorns neatly with the chopsticks individually from the food.

Every beginning is notoriously difficult. Order takeaway is mainly due to our narrow knowledge of Chinese language is a recurring adventure. While we have so far purchased in other countries usually without problems in English courts, we sit in the first two weeks of our trip to China often baffled by the Chinese characters in the menu card. In the morning, at midday, evening eating only rice? there is another way, only courage.

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The difficult path to Xiangcheng

The beautiful scenery of Yading Nature Reserve haunts still around in our minds and dreams. But new destinations waiting for us, and the necessary extension of our China visa. So we start the long drive from Shangri-La to other Shangri-La, the big city in Yunnan. First waypoint is Daocheng, we have previously visited. The trip by minivan runs smoothly. A rider is quickly found and around noon we are there. We are strengthening in a small restaurant with Dumplings, Chinese tortellini with minced pork filling and garlic- and chili dip. From Daocheng from to Shangri-La only a bus drives every day and that morning at six clock. He needs about 12 Hours. We do not want to do to us. At about halfway still is a larger city, Xiangcheng. We hope, To get there today, Inserting a stopover overnight.

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Litang (ལི་ཐང།) - Pilgrims, Dust and thin air

Wir befinden uns auf dem Höhepunkt unserer Reise. Über fast 5000 Meter hohe Pässe fahren wir im Bus in Richtung Litang. Der Sichuan-Tibet-Highway ist inzwischen größtenteils gut ausgebaut. Zwischen Xinduqiao und Litang jedoch sind zwei große Tunnelprojekte noch nicht vollendet und so genießen wir für wenige Stunden das Gefühl, that travelers had to endure many days earlier: On the old narrow pass road, mostly paved with potholes, partly sandy slopes, we screw us in curves up the hill. Alternating left and right lurks the hundreds meter deep abyss next to the road or oncoming traffic and only a few centimeters away from the tire. The suspension of the bus gets full roar. Light People take off from the seats, great people come up against the ceiling of the bus. Far down the road meanders, which we have already mastered. A thousand feet above the valley we reach the saddle of the pass. As everywhere in Tibet those distinctive points are adorned with plenty of colorful prayer flags and Kathi heart goes on.

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Kangding / Dart དར་ རྩེ་ མདོ ་. – Wind Horse, Butter and the first altitude

Kangding Chinese Kangding County
Dart Tibetan དར་རྩེ་མདོ།

It will be cooler. The temperature jump of 30 on ca. 16° C is clearly noticeable. The Chinese small town with only about. 100.000 Residents located at 2600m and also applies to us as the gateway to Tibet. Na ready, five weeks after tropical temperatures we freeze despite Merino shirt and fleece jacket. Temporary help is in this region widespread blanket, because the buildings are not isolated. who would have thought, as our grandmothers, we are in the evening wrapped up under thick blankets and turn on the electric blanket. In the morning the room is so cold, that we hardly want to leave the bed. But the sky is blue and the lures. We want to climb a mountain. A map does not exist, but for the tip: "All roads lead to the top".

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