Kangding Chinese Kangding County
Dart Tibetan དར་རྩེ་མདོ།

It will be cooler. The temperature jump of 30 on ca. 16° C is clearly noticeable. The Chinese small town with only about. 100.000 Residents located at 2600m and also applies to us as the gateway to Tibet. Na ready, five weeks after tropical temperatures we freeze despite Merino shirt and fleece jacket. Temporary help is in this region widespread blanket, because the buildings are not isolated. who would have thought, as our grandmothers, we are in the evening wrapped up under thick blankets and turn on the electric blanket. In the morning the room is so cold, that we hardly want to leave the bed. But the sky is blue and the lures. We want to climb a mountain. A map does not exist, but for the tip: "All roads lead to the top".

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