Dark clouds chasing across the sky, it is cold and starting to rain. No Problem, We sit on the bus from Shangri-La to Baishuitai, in the bag with our passports extended China visa. We now have more than a month time, To explore Yunnan, so shall we. We drive on a narrow road over mountain passes and through river valleys towards the south. For three hours, it goes around a curve after another, up and down. Fortunately, let the bus window. We see green terraced fields, Mixed forests, but also dried-brown mountain slopes.

In Baishuitai there should be spectacular limestone terraces, which have formed over the centuries from the calcareous waters of mountain streams. For the Naxi People, Members of a minority with its own religion and Scripture, is the place an important center. To Naxi New Year many people come together here, to the nature gods to pay respect. In the early evening we reach our goal and be on the bus by three Naxi women received, each extolling us their accommodation. We take a decent Guesthouse is opposite the bus stop, of which we have previously read, and pay the equivalent of about 7 Euro per night, Our new Sparfuchs record in China. The only damper, that the WiFi in the room does not work.

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