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Jianshui 建水县, a bustling market town and touristy Swallow Caves

After the big city Kunming Jianshui is at first glance a boon. After brief 200 km southward and three and a half hour drive, we will be met at the bus station small town of Songtheaw similar vehicles. The driver sitting relaxed on her car in the afternoon sun and provide us with their services. As so often we go with a “bu schischié” (no thanks) past them, to give us space and air. we are lucky, on the other side of the road just keeps a city bus, the direction Altstadt drives. As simple as it may sometimes go. We pass old, partly rundown small wooden houses, whose color is faded on the facade has long. The car-free old town with its narrow lanes Jianshui looks comfortable at first glance and is not quite as highly polished as Lijiang and Shangri-La. We see tourists barely. But appearances are deceptive, because it is the middle of the week.

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Lijiang – Old-Town-Disneyland

We have waited in vain for a bus in China a few times, a bus was full or a minibus did not drive off, because too few passengers mitwollten. For three hours were often three hours waiting time, quite apart from the stress of uncertainty. Today, however, everything works like clockwork. At a fair price, we are driven by our minivan Guesthouses Lijiang, together with two other guests, and there even before the door of our pre-booked hostels, dem October Inn, sold. The afternoon runs relaxed. We eat sweet and sour pork in a small restaurant with Bitter Gourd and carbon, explore the area and make the usual errands at the grocery store. A visit to the famous Old Town we veschieben to the next day, the rest of the city is clean and tidy.

In the evening our innkeeper for its eight guests cook as many dishes. Pork with peppers and courgettes, cooked tomatoes and zucchini, thick glass noodles with carrots and vinegar, intensely flavored eggplant, Tofu with peppers, cooked mushrooms, Cucumber salad with sugar and a huge bowl of rice. Although there is no round table with rotating plate, but that Prizip remains the same: Anyone can try everything, everything tastes delicious and all are pappsatt. A colorful round sitting here together: A couple from Australia on a nine-month trip around the world planning a visit to Europe. A woman from Hong Kong was already in Germany and France, However, most of them has impressed Sweden. Also to Sweden would like to travel a young Chinese woman, to make an internship in a hostel. A young man from Java is afraid of malaria in China. A French woman has learned a year abroad in Beijing Chinese behind him and a few words, a second French woman smells of garlic, as it has our support before cooking stir the snipping and actively Wok. All guests come either from the Tiger Leaping Gorge, or want the next day there. We spendieren our not torn tickets and a map, before we fall into bed tired.

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