With our dusty backpacks we stand at the bus station in Shangri-La. We have already picked us a Guest House, das 'Kevin's Trekker Inn', However, pre-booked a room. By bus we drive to the old town, from where we have to walk up a hill. Unfortunately, the guest house is fully booked and so we stay in a cheap hotel next door. Here, however, neither work nor tap water Internet, so we are again the next morning with Kevin at the door. Lucky. One of the most beautiful room with a terrace and panoramic view of the city is just free. Because we want to stay here a few days, we get a generous discount.

Photo gallery Shangri-La (Yunnan)

The owners tell us, that there are very irregular in a Shangri-La tap water. They would, however, bring along water daily with her SUV. In fact we did not even sit during our whole stay on dry land. Only the weather plays no longer really with. The warm dry days with blue skies are gone. It has become chilly and the sun is barely. Our space is poorly insulated and cool in the morning to about 15 Grad ab. With hot tea, Coffee and thought of the southern Yunnan, where we will lead our further route, we console ourselves over it.

Shangri-La is a large city with about 130.000 Residents. The main tourist attraction was the old town, in January 2014 burned down two-thirds. The cause was supposed to be a fan heater, the forgotten, disable. A curtain caught fire and the disaster took its course. Wooden houses were close together, the water in the hydrant was frozen and so the fire could rage for hours. Meanwhile resound from everywhere hammers and saws. In traditional style, the old town is just rebuilt. Ornate decorative elements carved, Wooden smell is in the air.

It is evening and we see near the old town on a hill a huge illuminated golden cylinder, an oversized prayer wheel next two temple buildings. The hill has been spared from the fire. We climb the stairs and ranks us among monks, Residents and Chinese tourists a, to hold together the big wheel in motion. At the foot of the staircase is the central town square, where - who guessed it already? – is danced to music Tibetan.

The next day, we request the extension of our China visa for another month, Hiking the surrounding hills with views of the city and stroll through a fantastic market, where there from live animals on fruit and vegetables to freshly produced cheese and yogurt are all. Dinner is feasted. In addition to our regular dishes we try Momos with vegetable filling, sharp cucumber salad, steamed broccoli and pork with spicy vegetables, which floats in a broth, in which half a liter of oil was tilted at least.

Shangri-La is our last stop in the Tibetan part of China. We climb a hill and look at a sea of ​​prayer flags. The vast landscapes of Tibet, the snow-capped mountain peaks and the friendly people will stay in our memories for a long time. Only with the Tibetan Kitchen we could, Apart from bread, not really make friends, but Sichuan dishes were practically everywhere available. We buy to leave Tibet a string of prayer flags, we will hang at some beautiful place on our further journey.