We have waited in vain for a bus in China a few times, a bus was full or a minibus did not drive off, because too few passengers mitwollten. For three hours were often three hours waiting time, quite apart from the stress of uncertainty. Today, however, everything works like clockwork. At a fair price, we are driven by our minivan Guesthouses Lijiang, together with two other guests, and there even before the door of our pre-booked hostels, dem October Inn, sold. The afternoon runs relaxed. We eat sweet and sour pork in a small restaurant with Bitter Gourd and carbon, explore the area and make the usual errands at the grocery store. A visit to the famous Old Town we veschieben to the next day, the rest of the city is clean and tidy.

In the evening our innkeeper for its eight guests cook as many dishes. Pork with peppers and courgettes, cooked tomatoes and zucchini, thick glass noodles with carrots and vinegar, intensely flavored eggplant, Tofu with peppers, cooked mushrooms, Cucumber salad with sugar and a huge bowl of rice. Although there is no round table with rotating plate, but that Prizip remains the same: Anyone can try everything, everything tastes delicious and all are pappsatt. A colorful round sitting here together: A couple from Australia on a nine-month trip around the world planning a visit to Europe. A woman from Hong Kong was already in Germany and France, However, most of them has impressed Sweden. Also to Sweden would like to travel a young Chinese woman, to make an internship in a hostel. A young man from Java is afraid of malaria in China. A French woman has learned a year abroad in Beijing Chinese behind him and a few words, a second French woman smells of garlic, as it has our support before cooking stir the snipping and actively Wok. All guests come either from the Tiger Leaping Gorge, or want the next day there. We spendieren our not torn tickets and a map, before we fall into bed tired.

Photo gallery Lijiang

The next morning we go to the station, to buy train tickets. The train station is far out of town and we go at random from the bus, as this is turning left twice and get the most people. Unfortunately, a large building near the train station turns out to be not as, but an administrative building. On a map, we see off-hook, that we are still a few blocks from the train station. Two buses will not take us, when we ask for the railway station and it is said, to hike for half an hour through the Pampa. Finally arrived at the station, we see strangely exact bus routes, in which we have previously tried, enter. Not everything opens up a stupid tourists. After all, we get tickets to Kunming for the following day, but only for the first train in the morning, a slow train, requires nine hours for the route.

By bus we drive back to downtown, lunch and walk in the old town. There is a fruit- and vegetable market, but without atmosphere. Buy here exclusively tourists. When entering for the old town is theoretically a 'Protection Fee’ amounting to the equivalent of about 12 Payable Euro. We have heard, that the tickets are checked only during the visit of attractions planned, to save us this issue. However, we are running after a few meters right up to a stand, the suspiciously resemble a control. Through side streets we continued unmolested. The Old Town of Lijiang is completely gentrified. Small streams flow channeled along streets cobbled between small houses with curved roofs and red lanterns. Many courtyards and small town squares are green, Azaleas bloom purple pink. Every other house is a Hotel, Pension or Guesthouse, the others include restaurants or souvenir shops. On the streets hawkers selling snacks and sweets.

Lijiang is the 'capital’ Tighten the minority Naxi and so tourists can against a Obulus Naxi costumes and be photographed in. In same old shops Naxi souvenirs and colorful scarves are sold, but also Tibetan jewelry is available in abundance at inflated prices. Seller drumming on bongos, pluck the guitar strings, from boxing heard folk music. Only in some narrow side streets can be the old Lijiang still imagine. The rest, however, is highly polished and appears almost sterile in its perfection and cleanliness.

This evening is not cooked at our hostel and we are turning to a pizza with Korean beef, Kimchi and fresh peppers again a round through the old town. On the central square dancing, but mainly by Chinese tourists. Many old houses are effectively illuminated. Loud music blaring from the countless bars. About the channels wafting mist of dry ice. Should annually 5 Million tourists travel to Lijiang, it seems to us, as if all would come today. The streets are full. We wonder, from which holes the tens of thousands people have crawled, the stroll here, feed, photograph, enjoying their time.

As we ordered our taxi to the station seven clock early, We walk back to the hostel early, look at the new photos and go to bed early. Lijiang is certainly a good place, in a fun group to have fun and boozy celebration. The shortest funicular looked like a Disneyland and little authentic, the rest of the city is green and clean, without representing something special. Certainly we would have to make trips or climb hills around, However, we are glad, that it continues to Kunming tomorrow and we get the tropics another step closer.