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Delicacies from Southwest China – Today is feasted!

Who would have thought it? The Middle Kingdom is vast and varied – as well as the food. We come in southwest China to the widespread Sichuan cuisine: sharp, intense and varied should they be. Dried Chilies, Chinese flowers pepper (also known as Sichuan pepper) and black pepper are essential components in every dish and are finely tuned. A special feature of the Sichuan pepper is its numbing effect – a strange sensation in the mouth. Anyone who has eaten him, loves him or sorted immediately peppercorns neatly with the chopsticks individually from the food.

Every beginning is notoriously difficult. Order takeaway is mainly due to our narrow knowledge of Chinese language is a recurring adventure. While we have so far purchased in other countries usually without problems in English courts, we sit in the first two weeks of our trip to China often baffled by the Chinese characters in the menu card. In the morning, at midday, evening eating only rice? there is another way, only courage.

Lunch between Momo and sharp noodle soup

A soup at lunchtime? Noodle soups be for CA. 10RMB made fresh at each corner and love to go by the Chinese in the form of 5-minute tureens on the bus, Or consumed train on the road. Hot water is available everywhere for teeliebende Nation. However, the soup Sichuan-style is particularly. This includes the sharp Sichuan pepper, Chili, garlicky, homemade egg noodles and some vegetables. Who ordered meat, must if necessary. to brace on a few bone fragments.
A tasty alternative are Momos མོག་མོག་ (ca. 20-30RMB). The with yak meat, Potatoes or vegetables and then steamed stuffed, boiled or fried dumplings are common in Tibet and Nepal. Are the Chinese equivalent to jaozi Dumplings (engl. as dumpling famous) with a relatively similar tastes – delicious and very filling! Both versions are served with a dipping sauce.
The German art of baking with good wholemeal bread miss many travelers, we also. In Chinese bakeries, we have found so far mainly a: all, what sweet, is soft and sticky. In Tibet, there is, however, the so-called. Balep, a kind of flat bread from barley flour – a good alternative to the rice noodle dishes!

As in other countries, z.B. Thailand, There are also courts in China, almost every small restaurant can prepare, must have no fear in which, to spoil the stomach. It is fried rice or noodles with egg and a hint of vegetables, which are seasoned with soy sauce and flavor enhancers. But who passes the many dishes on the round tables, want not “Touri-Essen”.
It has, we are prepared, I think, because before I had individual words, such as vegetables, Rice and chicken, written and read them now in the bumpy little street restaurant on. The operator looks at us quizzically and persuaded a few seconds later vigorously to us. Apparently she has not understood a word or recommends us just the most delicious dishes of the chef with exactly those ingredients. It was only when a guest we come to the rescue, to convey in English, we will get a exquisite culinary delight. A simpler and more of us preferred variant is, is one of the few small restaurants to look at a photo Menu. Although not always the ingredients can be seen in the pictures, is the beginning of the communication easier.

A nightly treat – the Sichuan cuisine

If everything's falling apart, also helps Show Technology. Requirement is, that other guests who are appealing dishes on the table, It can be shown on the. Caution should be exercised here. We have thus already times the specialty “sharp innards with vegetables” obtain. Many restaurants in southern Sichuan, however, is a large-cooled, Lighted “Showcase” available with meat and vegetables, so just point to the ingredients and be surprised, as it is prepared. Over the last five weeks we have been able to make many delicious experiences in this way with a few exceptions. Here is a small selection of Classic:

Chili fried beef Beef with chili, some garlic – one of the best food, we had! ca. 40RMB

Kung Pao Chicken (Gong pao ji rou) – a classic! Chicken strips with many peanuts, Cucumbers and chili are served slightly sweet-tart, ca. 40RMB

Green pepper pork (Qing jiao rou si) Green peppers with pork stripes, sometimes an ordinary fat edge, often with lots of garlic, ca. 25RMB

For all vegetarian 素 Gourmets:

Vegetarian meals are with ca. 15 RMB much cheaper than meat. Traditionally, only one type of vegetable per dish is used, why it sometimes “Really? I do not think so, that fits” -Statements can come, if we wanted to have more Mediterranean-like tomatoes and zucchini in a court. Here is a selection of vegetarian dishes:

  • Mapo Tofu (Mapo dofu) – Sharp tofu à la Sichuan-style is a very soft tofu, the melts in the mouth. A specialty from Sichuan with a lot of Sichuan pepper and some chili in oil – clearly a matter of taste!
  • Sweet and sour cabbage (Tang cu lian bai) – Sweet and sour cabbage, fried or steamed, sometimes with chili
  • Chinese Broccoli with Garlic
  • cucumber Sharp, cold cucumber salad with garlic with chilli – delicious!
  • and much more Chinese broccoli Broccoli, cauliflower Cauliflower, Bitter Bittergurke, chili red / green peppers, spinach Spinach, diverse Kohlsorten… usually with garlic, Soy sauce and chilli


  • Thanks to a small translated menu with typical Sichuan dishes and last but not least thanks to the “Showcases”-Culture we can test lots of goodies, while had little mistakes. The exciting everyday questions about the ingredients (Guess what hot in the menu?), preparation (ordered Momos are now cooked in water or at least one liter of oil in fried?) and the taste (if that is seasoned with the numbing Sichuan pepper?) still appear repeatedly. With every order you should certainly inquire after the price how much ? (Qian Duōshǎo – How expensive is it?), especially, if one is located in a tourist-place, otherwise there could be a surprise at the end.
  • Garlic is apparently not often used as a spice, regarded but as a vegetable!
  • The court “Chop suey” searches of travelers in China in vain, It is typical for the Chinese “Overseas Kitchen”.
  • Every dish green tea is served for free and always infused with hot water, once it is empty! Why not in Germany?
  • And yet last: China is ideal for Vegetarian vegetarian, especially if you like tofu, gets it in many variations, whether loaded, grilled, frittiert, cooked buttery soft etc. However, in each (!) Court contain flavor enhancers, sometimes more, sometimes less.

* currency: 7 RMB equivalent ca. 1 €


For a good start to the day – Breakfast in China


Kunming 昆明 , A short stroll through the provincial capital of Yunnan


  1. Sarah and Thomas

    Dearest Kathi, because we have brought on your birthday a 10 hour border crossing behind us and only 23 Clock arrived in Kosh-Agach, there is only today retrospectively, davür kwünsche with the very best travel wishes our Glü Birthday! Your feasts determined so right, of? Are quite envious… Knutschi

    • Kathi

      Thank-You! :-) The main thing you have to cross the border. And, in Laos, the feast continues, Mangosteen, Papaya, Released – Mmmh…

  2. Giesela und. Günther Vierks

    Hi Kathi, we wish you all the best even retrospectively, Health and another good travel.

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