So far we have traveled five weeks through China, seen and have discovered much, by bus, Overcome several thousand meters of altitude train or on foot. The industrial city of Kunming is, after all, “just” yet on the 2000m high Yunnan level, so year-round mild temperatures prevail. It is very pleasant, not too hot, not too cold. Also, the long-term travelers need a break from time to time. We are mainly from the long bus rides “reisemüde” become and are longing for a relaxing place to stay. Although sounds a town of about seven million inhabitants less than ideal for, but the many parks in the city, we are optimistic. Can finally be with a book on the grass and the sun on the belly seem…

Kunming really welcomes us with a tired blue sky and a lot of traffic. Concrete in the form of highways far as the eye. Where are the parks? The city is growing rapidly. While in downtown a modern pedestrian street with auspicious goldfish ponds, Benches can be found at bamboo groves and numerous shopping Smalls, spread the skyscraper Klopper south to large Dian Lake from. Disappear like in other Chinese cities gradually the old low houses in downtown, whose dirty facades have their own charm. For example, left over from the Muslim quarter with its once trubeligen streets and numerous food stalls only a small courtyard between glass skyscrapers.

At sunset, we head to the nearby Daguan Park. Had we known the! Here many Chinese sports, goes even if it most likely at walking pace vonstatten. But then the, the entrance to the park costs money. We whip out our acquired in Bangkok student cards, Get a discount and join the leisurely stroll to the Chinese. So Our sportswear will again in the backpack. The next day shows, that Chinese love their parks – to wander around, Photographing, drink tea and play cards – Only one thing is missing: Lawns. But each park has at least one large body of water. Quick turns out: Kunming is not the place, to linger longer. We continue heading south.

Photo gallery Kunming