Kangding Chinese Kangding County
Dart Tibetan དར་རྩེ་མདོ།

It will be cooler. The temperature jump of 30 on ca. 16° C is clearly noticeable. The Chinese small town with only about. 100.000 Residents located at 2600m and also applies to us as the gateway to Tibet. Na ready, five weeks after tropical temperatures we freeze despite Merino shirt and fleece jacket. Temporary help is in this region widespread blanket, because the buildings are not isolated. who would have thought, as our grandmothers, we are in the evening wrapped up under thick blankets and turn on the electric blanket. In the morning the room is so cold, that we hardly want to leave the bed. But the sky is blue and the lures. We want to climb a mountain. A map does not exist, but for the tip: "All roads lead to the top".

Just behind our accommodation, the small Tibetan Yongzhu Hotel, it goes steeply uphill. The city has exploited every square meter in the valley. Suddenly past small wooden houses of local people ends the narrow concrete road. There are several paths and we look up: the, Look the colorful prayer flags, because we have to go! The trail passes at isolated tombs past with flowering plants. Wind horse fluttering in the wind here numerous. Further up it becomes green: we reach a forest of fragrant pines and birches. Again, the colorful prayer flags between the trees are criss-tensioned. So we are on the right track. After a while, the vegetation changes: Trees are small, Shrubs take. The city is far below us grumbling in the valley and winds its way right and left to the mountains.

After only a few more meters above sea level it is windy and quiet. We are not on a peak, but on a kind of plateau, we could not see from below. Ahead-wide, lush green grasslands and there's more! We look upward: Madness, dense light gray clouds waft around the mountain peaks around. We are the clouds so close. Whether it will rain soon, we wonder. Driven by our curiosity we stroll towards the forest edge, to the horses to watch during grazing. Cautiously Sven approaches the animals, since it is not seen, whether they are connected. Suddenly she neigh applied and a roll of thunder is heard. Is it because of us or of thunder? Us, during a thunderstorm on a meadow. Let's get out. So we hurriedly downhill boots and get off but only a few innocuous raindrops. The storm has moved again.

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At the bottom we will be back several times with "Tashi delek"Welcomed, which actually means "Happy" means. However, foreigners are so warmly welcomed in Tibet. Kangding, or also called Dardo, part of the Tibetan Autonomous County in China's Sichuan province Garzê. Both influences are visible: it must be buttered with momos or prefer jasmine to a noodle soup? Although the town is touristy, aber well suited as a stopover and for acclimatization.

And at last we have clean air to breathe. We no longer wander through small parks in Chinese megacities, but rise huffing Mountain, to catch to snow-capped peaks in the distance between the clouds and watch horses on the grasslands grazing. Finally, we see for the first time Tibetan prayer flags fluttering in the wind. In one of the many small shops we sip Tibetan butter tea and wonder about the high price. As the tastes? Slightly salty and has a couple of fat, but is watery and thus drinkable. The tea consists of a thin black mixed with yak butter and salt. He is indeed energy, but a cup is enough but then. After a week of China, it is admittedly not always easy with our narrow vocabulary to discover the culinary treasures of Chinese cuisine. Our debate is mostly not understood. English menus are scarce. But many Chinese people help us, if they can. Thus, in addition filled with yak and potato momos, similar to ravioli noodles, Landed rice with green pepper and pork strips on our plates. Starved, we are not yet so.

After we were able to taste a few days in Kangding Tibetan air, we look forward to more. It continues for us on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, we will now further pursue to Litang.