If you pull out at night off the bus in Jinghong, schwallt the contrary hot and humid air. Welcome to the tropical region of Xishuangbanna, in south-western tip of China! The tropical temperatures are noted the city, not only in terms of temperature. She looks more colorful than other cities in China. Han Chinese, From- and other minorities live together. The building facades have a colored paint, in the streets palm trees and other flowering trees have been planted. Obststände, mobile food stalls and barbecue stalls line the sidewalks. The smell of grilled chicken is in the air, Dressing for papaya salad is mashed and served noodle soup. Our anticipation of Laos and Thailand grows. Between all the “tropical dream” then stand here and there, faceless, monotonous high-rise complexes, the flashing colorful night. We are simply still in China.

Photo gallery Jinghong

Not much happened. While other people in Jinghong spend much money for trekking and cultural shows in surrounding minority villages, We use the time in the city forced to Find, Writing and be healthy. At the end of our China, there has then but caught us.

Time to observe nevertheless remains for us: We have the end of June and really is the rainy season, but this year it is slow in coming. The Mekong has become quite narrow in the area of ​​the city. Fishermen have to wade through almost in the middle of the partly dry riverbed, to set their fishing and the many moped riders go to wash their mobile pedestal as far beyond. The water is hard to come. The fortified waterfront is far above the river and gives an idea, how can absorb a lot of water of the river.