Breakfast for the Chinese is just as important as for the Germans. The subtle difference: they buy it mostly at a roadside stand or a small restaurant on the way to work. Rather atypical Chinese standards, we have prepared our breakfast a few exceptions in our room itself. So we spoon morning muesli with fresh fruit from the market, to coffee or tea. Oatmeal, Nuts, Fruit and milk there has been in almost any location. Also, fresh Ginger available almost everywhere.
The classical Chinese hotel buffet on the other hand often consists of a thick, geschmacklosen Travel- or thread noodle. There are delicious baozi Bun – steamed and meat- or vegetable stuffed dumplings. Widely used is the spicy minced pork filling. Minced meat for breakfast, why not? However, my favorite in the morning is the slightly sweet tasting Coats 馒头 , also known as Chinese steamed bread. It has no charge and only costs 2 RMB. However, Baozi and Mantou are usually available only in the morning, So get up early!

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