Another outing is at. The peace and tranquility of Pak Kret, a river island north of Bangkok, We liked it very well. South of downtown, we discover on our map a similar loop of the Chao Phraya River, enclosing the Bang Krachao Peninsula. A brief search results, that there mountain bike tours can be arranged and will be awarded on the spot Bicycles. On our helpful Bangkok Bus Guide Plan we see, that bus 47 goes directly to the Khlong Toei Port from the Khao San Road, from where boats to translate Bang Krachao.

Unfortunately, the 47 Bangkok No of bus routes, undertaking regular. All other lines are passed already three or four times, but a 47er can only look in the opposite direction. We are considering, to take another bus and to upgrade, but then we would have waited in vain for half an hour. And at some point must ultimately the 47er from the opposite direction also turn and arrive with us. According to 45 Minute wait time has come and we chug along through dense traffic past the Siam Square and along the Rama IV Road to Khlong Toei Port. Is very close also to the Fresh Market Khlong Toei, a kind of wholesale market for gastronomes, we have already visited.

The Waterfront leaves by the glistening shopping malls of downtown a gloomy impression and also the largest slum of Bangkok is not far away. From the terminus of the line 47 there are only a few steps to walk to the Chao Phraya. Along a temple we walk to the jetty, where a small longtail boat already waits, for us 10 To sail baht per person to the other river bank. We observe some cargo ships and have to think about Hamburg. Was the Khlong Toei Port formerly of Thailand's most important cargo port, is now almost all freight transport to the seaport in Laem Chabang just outside Bangkok far.

The crossing on the nutshell of Moloch Bangkok with its rustic surroundings Bang Krachaos takes a few minutes. We end up in a different world - green instead of gray, Birdsong instead of traffic noise. A blue kingfisher sitting on a branch on water, colorful butterflies flutter through the air. For 100 Baht (pro Tag) we lend us right at the jetty bicycles and pedal los. Since our stomachs growl, we go to a so-called Floating Market. There, so we hope, we will get something nice between the gills. Thus, it is then also, in a small food stall along the canal we eat grilled chicken and papaya salad. ‘Floating’ is not much in this market, except some of these “Kitchens” on angetäuten boats. On land, however, we roam the nice market with a lot of local flavor. From seed and fertilizer on clothes and shoes to spare ribs and knallbuntem cakes everything is offered. Finally, we find a good coffee (for Sven), before we swing back on its wheels.

Now it gets exciting. We turn from the road now and will cycle on narrow raised concrete paths through small settlements, Agriculture and Forest. Each time our full attention. A hectic Schlenker and we found us a meter deep in the swamp again. A scooter comes to meet us, which is closely! We urge us clinging to a pole at the roadside, only centimeters away from the abyss. Friendly nodding happened the driver and we can continue. The next scooter stops and lets us pass, we all remain standing and some several times us. Most people here are very friendly and a smile is on her lips. If just is no oncoming traffic, is except birdsong, Nothing to be heard croaking frogs and the soft rustling of leaves in the wind. We stop and listen to the rest.

Through a beautiful, partly natural park with lakes, Gazebos and wooden bridges we drive back to the pier. Along the way are information boards, explaining the local flora and fauna. We give back the wheels, drink or a soda and climb the next ferry. This time it's a bigger boat, which still goes to an other pier on Bang Krachao, before it turns and illuminated by the setting sun skyline Bangkok controls. The city has us back.

Bang Krachao

Was: Green peninsula south of Bangkok with narrow cycle paths, Floating Market und Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park

getting there:
Various bus services to Khlong Toei District Port, in. A.:

  • Bus 47 Khao San Road
  • Bus 4 Khlong Toei MRT or Chinatown
  • Bus 72 Ekkamai BTS from near
  • Bus 162 Siam BTS or BTS Chog Nongsi

ca. 200 Meters walk along a temple to the pier on the Chao Phraya
from there take the ferry for THB 10 / Person translate to Bang Krachao


Just off the pier on Bang Krachao, pro Tag THB 100