Christmas is coming up and we meet in time for the beginning of Advent in the Philippine capital Manila. Already at the airport welcomes us a golden angel in front of a decorated Christmas tree. The steps of the little Malaysian girl in front of us slow down. look here, Mama! Prompt the mother pulls out the phone and takes a picture of a child and angels. Scenes, as we know only too well from around the world. Outside us schwallt warm humid, stickige, by exhaust gases against smelly air. We're back in the smog. Welcome back! A short time later we know why: tightly packed clog black sooty jeepneys, the main means of transportation in Manila, big cars (SUV) buses and the routes through the town. Compared to other Southeast Asian countries are in the fray little scooter on the road. In return, a solitary cyclist with masked face fights quickly past the droning traffic. Respect! Pass us by construction sites and chic new buildings for luxury apartments with pool directly at the Airport. Manila, a juggernaut? What is behind the description? We are curious.

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