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traveling between the Himalayas and the Pacific

Month: September 2015

Between Thailand and Myanmar - entry via the "Friendship Bridge"

What has happened in the last two months since China?
Time to Make a note of the impressions is hardly, we limit ourselves to observe and discover. Many experiences in my head yet want to be held. From the tropical city of Jinghong (Süd-China) We are in early July on the bustling market town Luang Namtha in northern Laos in the Golden Triangle to Chiang Rai (Northern Thailand) traveled, before it went on the popular university town of Chiang Mai to the Burmese border into sleepy village of Mae Sot. Here we feel for the first time “burmesischen Wind”, see obvious differences between Thais and Burmese…

From Mae Sot on the border with Myawaddy
In late July the time has come. A new country is calling us and is just a few meters. Myanmar, which many still know as Burma and call it as many locals as, is within your grasp.

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have time.

The trip goes on, ever. Who or what drives us? Sometimes it is pure curiosity about the next target, times the current location, of but no longer invites us for various reasons to linger. In addition, the precious travel time must be used yes, hammering a little devil in my head. But what does it matter, Optimum use of time?

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